Background InformationEdit

Pierre, or better known as the Lion of Anfalas, is a renowned mercenary, treasure-hunter, bounty hunter and also a champion fighter. He is currently in service of the Steward of Gondor, Elendil Aranor. He is from one of the little villages in Anfalas. He is uncaring but will never give up, not even once. He is brave , but disregards tactics. He also currently is in a command of a mercenary army, which he recruited himself.


Anfalas is promontory of Gondor between the rivers Lefnui and Morthond, south of the hills of Pinnath Gelin. Pierre was just a simple farmlad in a small village. Goblins raided his village, when he was just 17. His entire family was killed. The milita could scarely defend themselves against the raid. Pierre, armed with only a dagger, somehow managed to slit the goblin's raider leader throat. Grabbing his Double-Headed Axe, he ran away, knowing that resistance is futile. He decided to spend his time training in the woods. He managed to live off in the forest for a year, hunting Goblins and orcs alike. He returned, to Gondor. With enough loot and money, he managed to reinforce his axe, buy a new set of daggers and a rare armour made by a famous dwarven blacksmith before retirement. He decided to travel for a year. He returned to Gondor,a year later, a renowned mercenary and an excellent warrior, to fight against the armies of darkness. He may not know how to use magic unlike many other great men, but he compensate it with his sheer strength and skill in his weapon.


He is a brave man, though uncaring at times. He is very determined. However, he is known to disregard tactics or strategies, prefering raw strength over smarts. He has a weakness, which is he likes to drink ale. He is commonly seen in taverns.


As Pierre is a famed mercenary, his equipment is fitting to his name. His main weapon is a Double-Headed Axe, which he dubbed "GoodNight". He also has a set of daggers, to throw or to stab silently. His armor is made by a famous dwarven blacksmith to protect him from most threats.