Background InformationEdit

Gilrain was born in Lindon on the year 1827 of the Second Age. He served Gil-galad during the war against Sauron and received a wound to his elbow when trying to rescue the High King. He has now taken his place as one of the commanders in Elrohir and Elladan's elven company. He loved the men of Númenor, but despises those who came to Middle-Earth. He's never had any love towards the lesser men.


Originally born in Valinor, he participated in the War of the Wrath and later served Gil-Galad during the war of the Last Alliance. His heroic deeds and noble speech gained him some fame before the Last Alliance, where he lost everything he had. His homeland Lindon was now empty, and deep in sorrow he went to Imladris. There he found comfort, but he never took a wife. He wouldn't do that until he was totally sure nothing would disturb his peace. Gilrain wants to depart to the West, to Valinor, and live his life there. But something keeps him in Middle-Earth. He wants to see it all end before he departs; if he fails, he departs to Valinor and to Halls of Mandos as a spirit, and if he succeeds, as a living elf.

He has practised the arts of war for thousands of years, and his skill is nearly unmatched. He is a noldo, skilled in craftsmanship and war and the art of making things; he laughs often, but he's also bad-tempered. It bursts out as violence or insults, but he makes sure to not insult his friends.


He has many extremes: he's bad-tempered, but he's also optimistic. He is proud, but also warm and friendly. He can be cold and distant, even rude, but he usually does not speak to people who cause him to be rude in his manners. He is not bound to anything or anyone; and he will never be. Gilrain knows that he has been named after a river in the south; he wants to visit the place one day. Perhaps it is possible after the war, he thinks, and it is one reason he wants to stay in Middle-Earth. There is still much for him to discover in this world.


Noldor War Suit he obtained during the war from Gil-galad himself, an exquisite noldor one-handed sword, an elegant shield and an elven war bow from the armouries of Imladris. He also has a quiver of arrows, also from the armouries of Imladris.